Solid Waste Management

CleanAll Solutions provides the services of collection of solid waste from different sources and transportation to disposal site efficiently.

CleanAll Solutions deals with the following different sources of solid waste in Solid Waste Management:

  1. Municipal Solid Waste:
    This waste consists of food waste, paper, cardboard, cotton clothes, woolen clothes, metal cans, tin, aluminum, plastics etc. These constitute the non- hazardous component of MSW. However, Household also produce hazardous waste e.g. used motor oils, paint thinners, removers, wood preservers, batteries, fluorescent lights that contain mercury and unused pesticides etc.

  2. Industrial Waste:
    It consists of two main types, hazardous and non- hazardous. Hazardous industrial waste consists of toxic waste (pesticides, heavy metals), reactive waste (gunpowder, nitroglycerin), ignitable waste (gasoline, paint thinners, alcohol) and corrosive waste (acid and base). On the other hand, non- hazardous consists of waste from food processing and food waste, pharmaceutical unit’s breweries, sugar mills, paper, and pulp industry, fertilizers, housekeeping wastes, packaging wastes, ashes, construction and demolition materials, special wastes etc.

  3. Agricultural Waste:
    It consists of waste from crop and livestock, rice milling e.g. rice husk, production of tea, tobacco, degasses, groundnut shell, maize cobs, the straw of cereals.

  4. Bio-Medical Waste:
    Sources of bio-medical waste are waste generated during diagnosis treatment or immunization of human beings or animals or in research activities e.g. human tissues, organs, body parts, carcasses, experimental animals, waste from veterinary hospitals, schools, and colleges etc.