Textile Industry

CleanAll Solutions provides effective solid and liquid waste management through its customized services. It deals with both solid and liquid waste from textile industry, collects waste produced from different processes of your unit and storage containers, takes it all the way to the designated dumping/disposal site in specially designed collection services and disposes of it at the site. It provides a unique range of services to cater to both the business and regulatory needs of your industry.

CleanAll Solutions has an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of textile industries and hence we entertain a command over the solutions for textile waste-related problems. We help companies run clean, compliant and efficient operations. We ensure the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions to waste management.

The textile industry is the industry which involves sections like research, design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of textiles, fabrics, and clothing.

Waste from the Textile industry and apparel include:

  • Dyes used for textiles are used with water and chemicals, which after dying process becomes a part of a waste stream.
  • The washing and cleaning of textiles and the dying units lead to wastewaters.
  • Greasy cotton and blend waste discarded by cotton yarn and cotton production facilities
  • Waste materials such as comber waste, off-combing, plucked yarn (used in rough yarn factories)
  • Carpet hems from carpet factories (raw material for bed fiber factories)
  • Fents, fabric hems and sewing yarn discarded by apparel companies
  • Sacks, empty barrels, drums and cardboard boxes, cloth, and clothing.

CleanAll Solutions has the expertise in providing effective and relevant solutions to different industrial needs ranging from solid waste collection through as simple as a mini dumper, volume reduction through garbage compactors or highly efficient liquid waste collection through jetting and vacuum suction.

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