Liquid Waste Management

Liquid waste mainly consists of wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial areas in towns and cities.

Sewage is wastewater containing solid and liquid excreta coming from houses, streets, industries etc. Silage is another term applied to waste liquid not containing excreta. Sewage water mainly has 99.9 percent of water and rest 0.1 percent of organic and inorganic substances. 
CleanAll Solutions provides the Liquid Waste Management services of collecting liquid waste from site and transportation to disposal site generated from the following sources of Liquid Waste Management:

  • Municipal Source:

This includes liquid waste from households, institutions and commercial areas and mainly consists of wastewater from toilet flushings, street cleaning, laundry, dish washing etc.

  • Industrial Source:

Liquid waste from industries is of two types i.e.: Hazardous and Non-Hazardous.