Sewer / Drain Cleaning

Drains and sewer lines can become blocked over time or due to careless use. An excessive amount of solid waste, a foreign object that’s too large to pass or grease that settles in the trap are the factors that cause the blockage of drains and sewers.

Over the long term, clogging can be caused by biofilm or fungal growth in piping, settling of particulate matter and the buildup of materials such as food and hair. If not cleaned properly, this cause failure of the drains and sewer lines. So, for their proper working, it is important to timely clean them and removes all blockages.

CleanAll Solutions offers you drain and sewer maintenance services by using the functionality of water jetting technology and strong vacuum pressure to clear all blockages and suck sludge and debris from drains and sewer lines.

  1.  Grease Trap Cleaning
    These are plumbing devices used to obstruct greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal unit.(Pictures)CleanAll Solutions provides the services of Grease Trap cleaning using strong vacuum pressure to suck the grease.(Picture)
  2. High-Pressure Jetting and Vacuum Suction
    CleanAll Solutions provides the services of sewer and drain cleaning using High-Pressure Jetting and Vacuum Suction on a single truck chassis. High-Pressure Jetting trucks clear blockages in sewer lines. A High-Pressure Plunger pump forces water through a lightweight jetting hose fitted with a special Jetting Nozzle at one end. Whereas the jetting machine is used for drains. Sewer drain jetters are ideal for removing soap scum residue, grease, hair, and food blockages in drains as well as for maintaining and cleaning production lines. They are also great for cutting roots, removal of mineral deposits and corrosion, industrial pipe and tube cleaning.The purpose of jetting is twofold – to loosen sediments, debris and material coating a sewer and to then move this material along the pipe, usually in a downstream direction, to a location from where it can be removed. Removal of the material is normally carried out using a vacuum or air displacement device. Jetting machines for sewer cleaning are usually of the low pressure – high volume type, with operating pressures of between 140 and 200 bar and flow rates of 200 up to 750 liters per minute. Water is fed at pressure through small diameter jetting hoses (40mm) to a jetting nozzle which can be equipped with both perpendicular jets and backward inclined jets. The purpose of the jets is to provide the forward propulsive force and to remove material on the sewer walls and invert. A variety of nozzles and jets allow various cleansing activities to take place ranging from blockage clearing to large diameter sewer desilting projects. Jetting is most effective in smaller pipe sizes 150mm – 375mm diameter but can be used successfully in removing debris from the inverts of pipe diameters 450mm – 900mm. The main advantages include:

    • Flexibility – can be used from one manhole, usually downstream
    • Removal of debris can be carried out without entering into a manhole by an operator.
    • Efficient transportation of debris.
  3. Root Removal
    The water and nutrients flowing through pipes are the things tree roots crave. Even a tiny crack or a loose joint can release vapors that attract roots. Roots can work their way into these openings and continue to grow until eventually, they form a root mass that could totally block the pipe, causing the content to back up into your house. Tree roots are the number one cause of underground pipe damageJetting at higher pressures of 800 bar up to 2000 bar can be used for cutting tree roots and clearing drains and sewers from this intrusion.
  4. Plumbing Fixture Cleaning
    Plumbing fixture cleaning includes

    • Water closet/ flush toilet unclogging
    • Washroom Faucet Cleaning
    • Kitchen faucet cleaning

    CleanAll Solutions provides above-mentioned services by making use of water jetting technology. The water jet removes the blockages by its hydrostatic pressure and clears the path for a smooth flow of wash water and toilet flushings