Food & Beverage Industry

Safe handling of residuals from the food and beverage industry, meeting time schedules, providing innovative solutions and environmental and sustainability goals is something CleanAll Solutions expertise’s in.

CleanAll Solutions provides effective solid and liquid waste management through its customized services. It deals with both solid and liquid waste from food and beverage industry, collects waste produced from different processes of your unit and storage containers, takes it all the way to the designated dumping/disposal site in specially designed collection services and disposes of it at the site. It provides a unique range of services to cater to both the business and regulatory needs of your industry.

Food and Beverage Industry is the complex network of farmers and diverse businesses that together supply much of the food consumed by the world population. This industry covers all aspects of food and beverage production and sale. It includes such areas as the raising of crops and livestock, manufacture of farm equipment and agrochemicals, food processing, packaging and labeling, storage, distribution, regulatory frameworks, financing, marketing, retailing, catering and research and development.

Industries include:

  • Meat processing and preserving
  • Fish processing
  • Fruit and vegetable preserving
  • Milling
  • Baking
  • Biscuit making
  • Sugar processing and refining
  • Chocolate making and confectionery
  • Brewing
  • Distilling and manufacture of other beverages
  • Milk and milk products processing
  • Processing of oils and fats
  • Dairy
  • Juice Production
  • Prepared food

The waste produced in the Food and Beverages Industry is basically from the following processes:

  • Handling and Storage
  • Extraction
  • Production Processes (radiation sterilization, antibiotic sterilization, chemical action, dehydration, refrigeration)
  • Packaging (Aseptic packaging, Frozen packaging)
  • Canning
  • Processing unit washing
  • Liquid Waste from Cook plants, Bottling plants, Boiler Water, Cooling Towers, Flavors, Additives and Bakeries

Types of wastes produce are:

  • Lightweight plastic, glass, and aluminum containers
  • removed from fruits and vegetables during cleaning, processing, cooking, and/or packaging. Items may include leaves, peels, pomace, skins, rinds, cores, pits, pulp, stems, seeds, twigs, and spoiled fruits and vegetables.
  • Waste from meat processing including wastewater from a slaughterhouse that contains blood, manure, hair, fat, feathers and bones.
  • By-products from brewers including spent brewer’s hops and trub (proteins). Recycling is done however a portion of them is ultimately disposed of.

CleanAll Solutions has the expertise in providing effective and relevant solutions to different industrial needs ranging from solid waste collection through as simple as a mini dumper, volume reduction through garbage compactors, highly efficient liquid waste collection through jetting and vacuum suction and washing of hard surfaces through road washing.

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