Transportation Industry

Transportation industries rely on waste management companies to provide satisfactory waste management while complying with environmental regulations and fulfilling all requirements.

CleanAll Solutions provides services of solid and liquid waste management of transportation industry through its customized services. It deals with both solid and liquid waste, collects waste produced during different transportation activities and stored in storage containers, takes it all the way to the designated dumping site in specially designed collection services and disposes of it at the site. It provides a unique range of services to cater to both the business and regulatory needs of your industry.

The transportation sector is a category of companies that provide services moving people, goods, or the infrastructure to do so. The transportation industry consists of several industries including air freight and logistics, airlines, marine, road and rail, and transportation infrastructure.

Waste produced in the transport industry is from the activities of freight transport, vehicle maintenance and cleaning, freight handling and warehousing operations. Many of these wastes arise from the repair and servicing of vehicles (including tires and wash water). Wastes include:

  • Used oils and other liquids from servicing of vehicles.
  • Used automotive batteries
  • Wastewater from vehicle washing.
  • Packaging waste
  • Waste office paper
  • Food waste
  • Sanitary waste
  • Garbage

CleanAll Solutions has the expertise in providing effective and relevant solutions to different industrial needs ranging from solid waste collection through as simple as mini dumpers, volume reduction through garbage compactors to highly efficient liquid waste management through jetting and vacuum suction.

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