Open Drain / Nullah Cleaning

Sewage and debris from Open Drain / Nullah Cleaning is very important. Open sewers are subject to solid waste dumping and disposal of other liquid wastes.

Suspended particles and settled sludge create an aesthetic nuisance for the locals and residents nearby. Such nullahs give off a foul smell, are aesthetically unpleasant, and result in breading of mosquitoes, flies, and rodents. This creates very unpleasant environments and causes the spread of diseases. In monsoon, they become full and start to overflow. Polluting roads and making it almost impossible for residents to perform their daily activities. Thus, it is very important to clean Open Drain / Nullahs regularly, especially before the monsoon. Open Drain / Nullah cleaning includes the removal of settled sludge, suspended and floating foreign objects, plastic bags, diapers, PET bottles etc.

CleanAll Solutions provides services of Open Drain / Nullah cleaning using specially designed Drainovators.  The specially engineered drainovator discourages the leaking of leachate and sludge while cleaning and transportation.