Oil & Gas Industry

Wastes generated from oil and gas industrial activities are very diverse in their characteristics and large in their amounts.

Waste generated from the Oil and Gas Industry include:

  • During drilling, completion, and production operations, various wastes including muds, cuttings, produced water, tank bottoms, and others are created along the oil and gas. 
  • Common wastes from seismic operations include domestic waste, explosive waste, and equipment maintenance waste.
  • The common wastes from exploratory drilling include drilling muds/fluids and cuttings, cementing waste, well completion, workover/stimulation fluids, production testing waste, process water, drilling chemical and domestic wastes.
  • The common wastes from construction activities include used lubricants, paints, solvents and domestic wastes.
  • The common wastes from production activity include produced water, production chemicals, and work over waste, and sludge bottom.
  • The common wastes associated with maintenance activities include used lubricants, filters, solvents, used parts, and contaminated soil.
  • The common wastes from abandoning activity include construction materials, plant equipment, oil sludge e.g. bottom sludge, abandoned sludge pit, burial oil sludge and produced water, and contaminated soil.
  • Oily spills
  • Industrial process water
  • Chemical wastewater
  • Oily wastewater
  • Cooling water
  • Sanitary wastewater

Oil and Gas industries rely on waste management companies to provide satisfactory waste management while complying with environmental regulations and fulfilling all requirements.

CleanAll Solutions provides services of solid and liquid waste management to enable you to carry out the activities of your industry efficiently. It deals with both solid and liquid waste from oil and gas industry, collects waste from your processing units and storage containers, takes it all the way to the designated dumping site in specially designed collection services and disposes of it at the site. It also provides efficient cleaning of oil spills, oil-contaminated soils and oily sludge from tank bottoms. It provides a unique range of services to cater to both the business and regulatory needs of your industry.

CleanAll Solutions has the expertise in providing effective and relevant solutions to different industrial needs ranging from solid waste collection through as simple as mini dumpers, volume reduction through garbage compactors to highly efficient liquid waste management through jetting, vacuum suction and efficient cleaning of hard surfaces through road washing.

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